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Sharing my heart with one particular woman is one thing, but to restrain my genitalia is simply not possible! After years and years of failures to settle down, I finally decided to accept myself as I am, and that was all thanks to the community! I owe them so much, and that is the main reason I am writing my impressions here. The second reason is all of you who are wondering where to join, and maybe afraid of bad choices. I am not going to write about the taste, that is a very individual category, and I am sure you will find something attractive on the menu. The fact I find more important is the way you are treated here, with a friendly attitude. These people understand your needs, and they are here to expand your nasty fantasies, not to reduce them. Unfaithful women and men are the only groups who can really say that they know how you feel, and that is so refreshing. They even get horny on the idea to cheat their partners with you, and together you can develop the whole scenario. You will not be rejected, you will be appreciated for who you are. The acceptance and the amount of sexual pleasure you are getting on this website worth more than money!