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I am the luckiest guy in the whole world because of my sweetheart! She is so open minded that months ago she suggested that we should experiment more in the bedroom. We are together for a long time, and we agreed that we didn't have to separate if we want new and spicier experiences. We can do it together, and we can include more people. We started our online exploration with the hope of finding a suitable social network online that is not fake, complicated or expensive. We also hoped to connect with other couples that want to hook up not only via video calls and online media. seemed real and simple, we enter it and never leave it. Just kidding, but yes, we were definitely thrilled and still are. Almost every evening we spend some quality time with couples there in kinky conversations or in planning the real date. We enjoy those members there are so friendly and easygoing. You can meet them, and you can change your mind if things are not according to your wishes, everything is so uncomplicated. We also met some friends that we are still seeing. All the great experiences made us share our review and invite everyone who is curious and not sure about that site. You will not regret it!