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As a very busy man, online dating is such a relief for me because most of the selection process is finished in this area, without embracing moments. Also, I do not declare myself as gay in public. I am bisexually oriented and when I wish for a nasty man to man interaction I like to keep it in private. Why the “GaySexDating” site? Mostly because of the choices, you can be gay here or bisexual, and you can share your experiences and dirty nature with the people who enjoy the same. I like that people are not against straightforwardness here, if you know what you want, you don’t have to pretend. Wasting time on courtships is not necessarily which suits me very much. Of course that sometimes I run into the conversation without good vibration and lack of sex drive, and it is not a pleasant feeling, but it is a lot easier to break it in the virtual world. This platform is easy to manage, and it is safe. From time to time I just like to watch some amateur gay porns or other erotic contents which are also provided here if you have an account. Here you can bump into men all of the kind, that is very interesting because it expands your passion, I met some people from Europe and they definitely have an effect on my perspective. It is a unique pleasure to be part of this community, it is hot and fun, full of surprises that you cannot even imagine.