if secrest sex if what you are after

Ever since finding out my wife's cheated on me, I acted like I've forgiven her and that everything is fine. But in reality, I wanted to get back at her, but discretely, only for myself, so I wouldn't complicate things further. I felt silly one day and just typed "secret sex" in my browser, and this site came up. I laughed it off at first, but then I wanted to see what the deal was. After reading their description which said that they provide a discrete environment for people to meet and that they didn't care whether you're married or not, I thought "This is it"! Since it was free to sign up, I decided to try my luck. Why should my wife be the only one that gets to have her fun? I've scrolled through numerous profiles very excited at the possibility of finally having my revenge. I've sent some messages, chatted up a couple of girls, but no luck. And since I'm not a quitter, I periodically came back to the site, wrote new messages, and read the replies I've gotten to my previous ones. Then finally, I got lucky! Two of the women I exchanged messages with before, expressed their interest in meeting me for a good time. I like both of them really, and I think I'll get greedy and try to do both of them. It'd be the sweetest revenge anyone has ever gotten!

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