Not all of us are sure what kind of expectations do we have towards various relationships we cherish with others. And sometimes it is natural that we just want a casual date which leads into the unknown ending.

Is it going to be a sexual hookup? Unexpected romance? Friendly chat? If you rather don't want to categorize it from the beginning and prefer to “go with a flow”, Just Casual Intentions is the right site for you.

The adult community on this platform is based on easy-going connections with the people around the world. Having a warm conversation with someone without prejudice, or find yourself a passionate match for a one-night stand in your local area.

Just Casual Intentions site is offering you plenty of possibilities to find a partner that is compatible with you and the faze you are going through, whether we are talking about erotic or emotional needs. After all why you have to be sure what you desire at the very beginning? Having your casual intentions is absolutely permitted here.

To become a part of casual dating society, all you have to do is to make your profile on the Just Casual Intentions site. Every your data is safe and private here!

Just Casual Intentions Reviews

  • What I prefer about the in compare to other dating networks is the variety of sexual interest. I am the kind of guy that is not always into a similar erotic mood, actually, I tend to go from one extreme to another. Sometimes I like to be amused by a pole dancer, and sometimes to organize a gang bang, if you know what I mean. And this is the community full of people who are crazy enough to follow my dirty appetites! I am very satisfied and I highly recommend this site!

    By Adam on 19 juli 2019 Reply
  • With a concept a little different from the other dating sites, this really is a great website. I signed up not knowing exactly what I want but knowing that it has to be different. I've had enough of guys with only one thing on their minds and mind games that eventually lead there. After I've created my profile, and gotten some unwanted attention of the aforementioned variety, I finally found my "different". He's a truly great guy, with a great sense of humor, and I can't wait to see where our encounter is going to take us. Thank you from one happy girl!

    By Elena on 4 juni 2019 Reply

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